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Thread Playing Electric guitar Realtime With VST Effects

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1 Playing Electric guitar Realtime With VST Effects
Hey guys I am new to playing guitar in this fashion but I like it alot. I am really new to VST effects and the like. I am using an external effects box in bypass mode as a preamp to get my guitar to the Proper level-works great. Then it goes to my Audigy 2..I then use Nials Pedal Board to load VST effects...and I get really good latency..can't hear any delay..OK the questions are I haven't been able to find much info about playing and using effects in this manner. I have been looking for better VST hosts etc..better effects alothoiugh I already have about 100 or so free ones...lots of good stuff out there..I have also donloaded the Guiitar Tool Rack demo from Waves..but haven't been able to get it to work as of yet..so guys if you have any info for me on this subject I would be very appreciative.. I am actually thinking of bundling up all this stuff and mailing it to guys who want it... YOu can get some very very cool sound from you guitar and record it right into a editor...thx for any info..
are you looking for effects for the mix (such as reverb, delay, etc) or effects for the guitar (distortion, wah, etc)? the best way to record guitar is by miking an amp. you can be a lot more flexible and get a much more natural sound that way. as for effects for the mix you should be set with what you have, it all depends on what you're trying to get. let me know if that answers your question or if theres anything else you need to know