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Thread Mic for recording guitar? No luck with sm-57...

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1 Mic for recording guitar? No luck with sm-57...

When I was looking around for a mic to record electric guitar (through vox amp), looking on the internet, people seemed to think the SM-57 was the way to go... so I got one, but compared to recording guitar through my neumann u-87 - well there is no comparison. The guitar sounds much better in every way through the U-87. Plus, when recording through the SM-57 I get this annoying crackle when the amp kicks in - Ive tried tweaking everything - levels, position, etc but no luck. I use a very good preamp (john hardy m1, highly recommend it!) into a digital 8-tracker (soon to be replaced with a laptop setup).

So basically the SM-57 sucks, and I need a better mic to record guitar (while using the u-87 on vocals). I can't afford another U-87, so can anyone recommend a mic that will get close to the u-87 in sound for much less in cost? Or is that not possible?


A 57 is pretty much the industry standard for recording guitar. Lot's of great rock n roll records made with them. I would say that either you're doing something wrong (don't know what that would be) or perhaps you got a defective mic.
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how loud do you have the amp cranked?

%1$s a écrit how loud do you have the amp cranked?

Jeez- it'd have to be RAGINGLY loud to overload a 57!! Neighbors for blocks in all dorections would be complaining!!:lol:
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
heya guys - i have the amp pretty quiet... wiyh a bit more experimenting i think its actually the monitors or bad outputs on my 8-tracker because when i transfer recordings digitally to my pc, they sound fine... i'm getting rid of the 78-tracker for a laptop soon, so maybe i'll wait until then and see if it makes a difference....
faulty mic, 57s are great for electric guitar recording
I have to mention that when I first got my SM57, I had terrible results trying to replicate the great tone coming from my Boogie amp. After playing around with various mic positions, I was able to find that sweet spot. Maybe this may be the case here as well.