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Thread my guitar sounds hollow!

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1 my guitar sounds hollow!
First off, any help would be appreciated!

So I'm doing some home recording, but my marshall cab, and other cab that I use sounds kinda 'hollow'. I also have a pod xt and that sounds perfect. But I would really like to get the marshall 'feel'

I'm using two sm57s on the cab. One directly at the center of the cone and the other slightly off center and more towards the edge of the speaker.

One person that I talked to said I needed more mid-range. So I cranked that up....still no dice.

I could post a few samples online if anyone wants to listen to it and give me some feedback?
Thanks alot!
You might be experiencing phase cancellation. Try recording with one mic only.
Really?! Hmmmm... one mic? I'll try it! Thanks!
I am curious, was it a phase cancellation problem? Did you get that elusive sound you were looking for?
a phase cancellation occurs when two similar, but reverse, sound waves are mixed together and they cancel each other.

wave 1:
wave 2:

mix them and you get a flat line.
Obviously it's really hard to pick the same wave with two different mics, but even if similar, phase cancellation causes the sound to "thin out".