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Thread Help with recording guitar

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1 Help with recording guitar
I currently use FL Studio and Audio Studio. I use FL Studio to build drums and export to Audio Studio where I then record guitar, bass, etc.

I do not use a guitar amp, I go straight into my sound card. Therefore, I have very limited options as far as distortion, etc. for my guitar.

What can I use to manipulate my guitar? Are there any programs that will apply real-time effects to ONLY my guitar so I can record over my drums?

Also, I find FL studio to have very limited drum sounds. Anyone know of any add-ons or any other programs that may help me out?

Thank you all for your help!
theres amp modeling software that allow you to plug straight into ur comp and get good sounds. I have Amplitube Live by IK Media which works pretty well. another approach would be to get urself a dynamic mic and an XLR to 1/4" cable and mic ur amp. you can be a lot more flexible that way and probably get better sound
You might want to try something like a Line6 Toneport as well. They are fairly inexpensive and will simulate a lot of different amps, effects, etc.
I used a simular setup for a long time, and know about every little trick to it...you want some answers that will actually help you email me.