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Thread Weird problem with lower notes

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1 Weird problem with lower notes
Ok I have a weird problem.

I just plug a cable in my amp and the other and in the line-in of my pc.
High notes are recorded quit well, but when I play on the bottom strings,
i get a really loud background noise.

Somebody Help me please...
Hi Steven-

What connection are you using on your amp? What's it labled? It needs to be a line level signal of some kind.

I hope your not using a speaker output off you amp. If so, your soundcard is probably toast by now......... :cry:
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My amp out is a recording out-jack.
I put a 1/4" mono cable into this.
The other end I just put in my line-in of my pc.
take care!!! First, if you have a CRT screen, you have to know that it's better recording far away from it, or to turn off when you record ;-)

Second possibility: the ground!!! is your computer plug to same ground as your amp? And is your guitare corectly protected for electro magnetism waves?
Try to put less bass on your amp ;)
try some troubleshooting. if you have access to another guitar see if the same thing happens. also try another cable. I know that plugging the line out from an amp to the comp can sometimes be a bit unforgiving. what daw are you using?