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Thread Recording Distorted Electric Guitars

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1 Recording Distorted Electric Guitars
I play metal, so i use a lot of distortion on my guitar. However, when I play, the sound of the pick hitting the string is really loud. When I record, it is even more noticeable. I record by plugging directly into my computer and using Amplitube to model an amp sound (which works really well). Is there any way that I can get rid of that awful sound of the pick striking the strings? The distortion I add to my line exaggerates the sound of the picking even more, and when I record it stands out so much. I've tried picks of various thickness and tried striking the strings at different angles. Nothing seems to work. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. You can email me at joezito@hotmail.com. Thanks!
Some compression might help. If you're using a program that let's you use DirextX plugins, try FASoft's compressor- it's pretty cheap. Also, if you're pick is hitting the strings right over the pickup, you might try moving your pick hand forward of back so it doesn't do that.....
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Does this allow you to direct the effect to just your guitar?

I record my guitars over drum tracks and I have run into problems where the guitar effects will effect the drum sounds...
The effect will affect everything presented at its input.
Some folks use a gate or limiter to help remove or filter the pick noise. It takes a careful setting, but can be effective because the pick sound is usually lower compared to the guitar itself. Therefor, you can adjust the floor noise (pick) not to be sent through. Hope this helps.