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Thread help! recording guitar problems.

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Topic help! recording guitar problems.
i cant seem to get my computer to record the sound from my guitar. i have an adaptor jack the runs male end into the computer and has the male end of my guitars patchcord run into that. my computer picks up the sound and my guitar sound comes through my speakers. but my windows default sound recorder and cool edit pro 2.0 won't seem to record. i have it plugged into one of my speaker positions in the back of my tower, its colour of the hole is blue. can you help me out?

What type of computer/soundcard do you have? I also have a blue input jack and it is my line in jack, but I can't be sure what yours is. Anyways once you figure that out open up sounds recorder:
click on the Edit drop down menu
click on Audio Properties
under "Sound Recording" there should be a drop down menu for devices
Select the device you are jacked into and hit ok

As for Cool Edit Pro 2.0 I am not familiar with that specific program but I am sure that in the preference menu you can also select you record device just do some looking.

After that you just have to play with the levels so you get a clear sound. Usually what will happen is you'll get a very small output level from your guitar because it's not being run into an amp before you run it into the comp. The other way to get a good level of output is a microphone and a mixer but most computer mics blow and most people arn't willing to spend the $80-$1000 for a good mic and mixer. Anyways hope I helped in some way.

good day
If the Colour is blue on a basic soundcard that usually means line in, so probably best to select line in as the other guy said.