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Thread [Getting started] How To Get a Fat Guitar Sound

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1 [Getting started] How To Get a Fat Guitar Sound
How To Get a Fat Guitar Sound
When people refer to a sound as being "fat" they usually mean different realities and consequently different practices. Here is an overview of the techniques most commonly used to easily get a fat sound. In this first article, we'll focus on guitars, which gives us the opportunity to discuss guitar doubling techniques.

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Excellent article, with great examples. Interesting how sometimes the less (to my ears) is more. Thanks!
I don't know the last thing about mixing and actually recording at home, I just use a computer's mic most of the time to make sure I get ideas down then jam.

With that said, I NEVER knew such simple changes could be made to get such a fat sound. This article is fucking awesome!
Thanks! We're glad you found it helpful.
Hi. Thanks very much for a n informative article.

But how to I get this sound for a live performance?!