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Thread Changing pickups and other guitar mods

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1 Changing pickups and other guitar mods
Can anyone help me out with tips or articles that show how to mod a guitar? I mean, for 7 years I've had the same guitar and kept it stock, but after hearing a buddy's telecaster after just some pickup mods, I was shocked at the difference.

Is it hard to do? Do I need a bunch of gear or just a screwdriver and will power? :D:
If you are changing pickups you have to have a soldering gun to take out the old pick ups, put new ones in or put in new pots and caps.
They are plenty of websites that have the different wiring codes from the different manufactures of pickups. You have to learn to solder properly and that takes practice. Everyone starts off with no confidence but after some practice, you'll become good at it.
I think it's best when a guitarist learns to do his own mods, because sometimes a guitar tech will not do it your way, plus you can save money and have fun doing it !

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That's excellent advice!