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Thread Favorite modern guitarist?

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1 Favorite modern guitarist?
I appreciate how Audiofanzine seems to have users from all over the world. So I wanted to ask this question to see if I can be introduced to some unbelievable global guitarists :D:

My favorite modern guitarist (so no hendrix or jpage here...) is John Frusciante. Who's yours?
I am french and I still prefer UK and US guitarists. However, I very much admire Guthrie Govan, here is a good example of his work:

I've never heard of Guthrie Govan. He's a very clean, talented sounding guitarist, but this does nothing to me on an emotional level. Personally I like the work of Josh Homme. He's pretty much the father of stoner rock, and came a long way from early queens of the stone age work.

If you can look past his red hair, you'll see a great guitarist

I believe many people discredit his guitar ability due to his well-known, poppy media reputation, but John Mayer is a very talented guitarist (and that bastard has a good voice as well). Check out this solo and tell me he's nothing but a pop singer!:

My favorite contemporary guitarist is definitely Derek Trucks. He's taken slide to a place its never been before, and his non-slide playing (also played in open E tuning) is masterful, but often gets overshadowed by his slide work.

His playing is influenced not only by rock and blues, but by scales and melodies from India, making for a very unique and compelling combination. He also gets an amazing warm overdriven tone from his Gibson SG and amp rig (which usually includes one or more Fender Super Reverbs). A more modest guitar hero you'll never find. No theatrics or preening from Derek — he just gets up onstage and plays original, melodic and innovative guitar, song in and song out.

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I've never heard of him before, I'm not much of a slide expert but I definitely like him more then Guthrie Govan from these samples.

Myself, I'm a Jack White fan when it comes to modern guitarists. Love that grimy yet melodic sound and style

Bad ass

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