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Thread straying away from pentatonic blues scale

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Topic straying away from pentatonic blues scale
I have played guitar for a few years and feel as if I constantly stay within the pentatonic blues scale while jamming, whether I mean to or not.

have any of you been in a similar situation? are there any other scales or techniques you would recommend to evolve my guitar technique?
The harmonic minor scale is your friend. Often times you can actually directly replace the pentatonic scale with it on a song and it won't sound out of place but really helps add some character. give it a whirl
There are many situations where you can throw in some major pentatonic notes, and I would also recommend sprinkling in some chromatic runs here and there to add interest and color. The best way to expand your soloing repertoire is to learn some solos, note for note, from players you respect. It will not only give you new licks, it will show you different ways to look at the fretboard.