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Thread help writing guitar solos?

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Topic help writing guitar solos?
I've got most of the spine of a song put together along with a couple spots that I think ask for a solo. Usually I improvise over those parts over and over again till I find something I like, but I feel like I'm inefficient and revert to predictable patterns.

I know I'm asking a lot, but maybe someone can help me, are there any sort of "best practices" to follow when writing guitar solos? I don't want to sound like I'm playing scales, and I don't want to shove notes in for the hell of it. Normally I can write a solo that I'm happy with but as it's been a couple years since I was last writing music, I feel like mental blocks are standing in my way.....

I highly doubt I'll get anything useful out of such a generic question but god bless the man or woman who might be able to help me get out of my funk!
One thing to try is to sing a melody in your head over the music, and see if you can then translate that to the fretboard. Guitarists (myself included) tend to get stuck in ruts based on scales and patterns and riffs that we've learned, and sometimes singing a melody can inspire some new ideas and approaches. I wrote an article about soloing, which has a bunch of other tips that might help: https://en.audiofanzine.com/electric-guitar/editorial/articles/tips-for-better-soloing.html

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