Gitane DG-255
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Tantor 04/04/2006

Gitane DG-255 : Tantor's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in China.

Frette zero, twelve frets away from the table, 21 in all (22 with the zero-fret).
Floating bridge, tailpiece selmer copy (accepts a string loop or ball).

Handle ultra-thin, with truss-rod rglagle (prvoir a long allen key, the rglage is a bit difficult to achieve by the small mouth).

Action ultra-low (a little too much, APRS qq weeks, I d give almost half a turn of the key and I even tried to put one or two mm of shims under the bridge)

Trs good finish. No problem varnish.
The mcaniques lgres do a little, but copies of the original Selmer style, and take good agreement anyway.

The wooden back and is obviously Clisse of Indian rosewood is Zoli. Touche bne. In fact the guitar was out of the mouth. Finally I found.


Comfort handle excellent. It glides like a pet wax on canvas ((c) Bloodsugar)
Well, not top Access in acute, but it's such a classic Gratton.

Lgre super skyscrapers, body thin enough.

For sound, it is necessary to climb ropes Argentine type. I advise that plutt 11-46 10-45 has a bit more volume, and it lgrement less "soft" firing level.

I do not put that 8 because I have a little doubt on the hard ... In particular, my problem I rgl crimping with a turn of trussrod is it to work the handle or (worse) a lightweight collapse the table of youth wood, which can be had not yet finished working?? J'espre not ...


Its amazing ... of quality!
With new Argentine strings, the sound is the typical gypsy mlodique pump or phrase, a smell hrisson (excuse the pun)
I compared with a scratch of luthier Castellucia mid-range, it was carrment distance.

Good volume, good bass Submitted, acute slammin. May be a bit hollow in the mids ... ds but fits the strings a bit older: low prsence lose.


I've had six months, I play almost every day, and I'm not. Rudy Larna my APRS, there is no photo.

Report qualitprix excellent. At least you can sound "like a real" no dpenser 2000 Roros ...