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Hammond user reviews

  • Hammond C3

    Hammond C3 - " A WONDER!" has images


    Hammond C3 organ, the same characteristic as the legendary B3 in a cabinet designed for churches. One can see that among other organ concerts on the videos of Deep Purple, Jon Lord is always one. UTILIZATION Same as the B3. SOUNDS The real a…

  • Hammond Colonnade

    Hammond Colonnade - teutrejean's reviewhas images


    Organ furniture 2 combs 61 notes - 25 notes pdalier - 9 drawbars parclavier - 2 harmonic bars for pdalier - 5 sound events programs Percussion - Auto Accompaniment - integrates Leslie - R verb-Philharmonic strings - solo instruments etc.. Amplificati…

  • Hammond A102

    Hammond A102 - balou66's review


    <div> <a class="lightbox" href="http://fr.audiofanzine.com/outils/a.provider,m.6873,mod.media,th.normal,s.pictures.jpg"> </a><img class="userImage" src="http://fr.audiofanzine.com/outils/a.provider,m.6873,mod.media,th.thumbs2,s.pictures.jpg" alt="…

  • Hammond T102

    Hammond T102 - le Divin Marquis's review


    The T-Series is the latest in Hammond tone wheel, it is organ-like "spinet" (2x44 notes, pedal 13 notes), to transistors, for the time to market "home organ". Obviously, the features are a bit low compared to the standards of the brand B-, C-3 or A10…

  • Hammond XM-2

    Hammond XM-2 - manu_blazeix's review


    > 120 patches pre-configured > 8 editable patches > Extension XMC-2 commands for the different variations of sounds UTILIZATION > Editing patches very simple and quick > Quality Manuals SOUNDS > Sound "Hammond" in all its splendor OVE…

  • Hammond XK-3C

    Hammond XK-3C - Roycool's review


    Mono keyboard Xk3c: Total Polyphony Midi connector, 11-pin Leslie, Expression and other pedals. Equ: Low / Med / Treb + Tone Control type B3. Reverb choices. His Hammond Organ! Simulation Leslie good but not great .. UTILIZATION Bran…

  • Hammond VE 600

    Hammond VE 600 - orgammon's review


    Electronic Organ hammond VE 600 -2 4-octave keyboards bunk each and bass pedalboard For pedal-bass, two harmonic potential, for the keyboard down 5 harmonics, and the top 2 keyboard series of 9 harmonics superimposed Above all, it can also add …

  • Hammond 102200

    Hammond 102200 - Lux Inferno's review


    It is indeed a synthtiseur and not an organ, you read that right. Indeed, the firm clbre Hammond organ builder rputs, made two attempts on the market synthtiseurs the mid-70s, just APRS its acquisition by Japanese. The MODEL 102 200 t was produced th…

  • Hammond XK-3

    Hammond XK-3 - countryboy1's review


    I wanted to know if this organ could be adjusted by -1, in fact, I play with a blues band and is granted - 1. If someone can tell me, thank you see you soon. countryboy USE - Is the manual clear and sufficient ?. SOUNDS at this leve…

  • Hammond XB-2

    Hammond XB-2 - louisdom's review


    Emulation of a b3 crésteur developed by the legendary B3. Of course it is, I believe, the first attempt at a keyboard of this type by Hammond. So the first version of a series that today is really improved. Still, the soul hammond is in the small ani…