Hohner Piccolo
Hohner Piccolo

Piccolo, Harmonica from Hohner.

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Froggy 04/15/2004

Hohner Piccolo : Froggy's user review


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It is a kind of mini harmonica while o is smaller. The reeds, holes ...
it is discreet and convenient because it can take five or six copies without too much bother.

It's actually a MODEL Reduces Marine Band, the diffrence that covers the Piccolo are held by screws instead of nails.

It is an agreement ocatve above the Standard Marine Band.

However, I use little or no because of its small size. And other manufacturers (Weltmeister) suggest the tone of Piccolo on harmonicas of "normal" size without supplment price.

For example, a Weltmeister Blackbird is available in the following tones:

Low G (one octave below the G standard), Low Ab, Iowa, Low Bb, Low B, Low C, Low Db, Low D, Low Eb, Low E, Low F, Low F #, G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, Db, D, Eb, E, F, F #, High G, Ab High, High A.
Tone is 27 in Richter tuning, plus other minor modes in 2 Tone and Melody Maker.
In conscquence, I rachetrai more Piccolo