Millenium HP 4
Millenium HP 4

HP 4, Headphone Amplifier from Millenium.

CROPUS 04/11/2011

Millenium HP 4 : CROPUS's user review

« Would recommend for small budgets! »

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I use it for 5 minutes (lol) This is my first headphone amp!
What I like most is the price,

1 / 4 headphone outputs,
2 / 4 line outputs, they work even with mono!
3 / 4 input selectors,

At the rear,
4 / 8 mono asymetric inputs or 4 L and 4 R!
The entry "L" is mono only if it is connected and the output
mono headset will be on the 2 atria!

5 / A voltage selector blocked by a small transparent plastic tongue!

6 / Finally we end with the switch, as stated previously we would have liked to, but not really annoying!

7 / Price/quality ratio: for the price it is more difficult I think especially in 1-inch rack!

I have a slight hiss when I shoot from the 3/4 volume, but already the volume at 10 h is more than enough, a little also hum acute problem, but it's because of  the number of connected gear on the same table, change table and the problem goes away!
I will repeat this purchase again, for now the choice of 68 € including shipping and guaranteed 3 years, the future will tell me!

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