Millenium HP 4
Millenium HP 4

HP 4, Headphone Amplifier from Millenium.

algofribaz 02/12/2011

Millenium HP 4 : algofribaz's user review

«  Good value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Purchased in January, from a famous German mail-order site starting with T. my order arrived quickly the first HP4 received did not work at all (a huge noise)
The very effective Customer Service sent me another one after 5 days  ... that was a problem on one of the outputs (Rebelote 2 days ago and I get a third ... that works wonders.

I wanted a headphone amp and not too expensive rack (fed up with jacks and housings PSU lying around the middle) I searched on the second hands but I found nothing under 50 € Free Shipping and without warranty garantie. Here I get 3 years warranty and cost me € 68 with shipping.

The sound quality is good. not breathing, powerful. I tested it with my 3 headphones (a Sennheiser HD25, Sony MDR-CD450 headphones and a lil Troubleshooting Philips SBC-HP200 to 12 €) and that the quality is fairly good, as far as I can judge.

It is very simple. There's no choice mono stereo EQ ... as the Behringer and others.
on the other hand there are eight mono inputs and a selector on all 4 headphone amplifier inputs to select which one to listen to.

So on protools I made subgroups of headphones (2 so far) that I sent on 3/4 and 5/6 on each unit there is also a line out so you can not also be used to route different monitoring .

the + : the price, the apparent strength of the rack, the internal power supply (no transformer lying around), simplicity, and despite all possible configurations for a home studio

the -: - the switch is behind! not smart!
- For a 4 headphone outputs that can be light (there's HP8 with 8 output ... but the principle selector)
- Given that I have returned  2 to Thomann for good and it's made in China a bit generic (I saw its twin brother on ebay under another brand, but more expensive) I hope that it will work.

That said it is guaranteed for 3 years so I take too much risk.

If I had to do it over again, yes I would take the same value for money I think it is excellent for a home studio and only a small fortune.