Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHats 14"
Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHats 14"

K Custom Dark HiHats 14", Hi-Hat from Zildjian in the K Custom series.

drumster 07/13/2014

Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHats 14" : drumster's user review

« One of the most versatile dark hats! »

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I have a fondness for darker-sounding cymbals, and the models from Zildjian’s K Custom line are among my favorites. I have owned and played various models from this series, and these are some of the most ear-pleasing cymbals I’ve ever heard. It’s also amazing that they are beautifully handcrafted and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

I have a pair 14” K Custom Dark Hats, which I own and have been playing for over a decade already. I’ve read somewhere that this is said to be the dark version of Zildjian’s classic bestselling A New Beat Hats. And I definitely agree with this. The K Custom Dark Hats has that versatile, full-bodied tone similar to the New Beats, but with a darker voice quality that blends in with the music instead of cutting through.

I’ve played in an R&B / hip-hop band for almost a decade, and I’ve done several pop, rock, and jazz sessions. I’m also currently in a progressive rock band. With the different styles I play, the K Custom Dark Hats can easily fit in. Its dark chick sound is perfect for groove-oriented styles like R&B and hip-hop. Its barking, half-open sound can complement pop and rock styles. And of course, these hats are a natural fit in jazz-oriented styles. I've tried and played similar dark models from different brands, and for me the K Custom Dark Hats is one of the most versatile hats that I’ve ever played. And they sound very good in the studio too, as I’ve proven in a number of R&B, pop and rock recording sessions.

I like how its dark sound doesn’t overpower the music. Like I said, I like how the sound blends in instead of cutting through, which is my personal preference. So if you want some extra cut and power in your hats, I suggest that you get the New Beats or any other similar-sounding model. Playing it with the hi-hat pedal, I also suggest that you put some angle to the bottom cymbal in order to achieve a more solid chick sound.

Just like most K and K Custom Zildjians, my K Custom Dark Hats are also aging gracefully like fine wine. With the logo of my top hat cymbal fading in time, the sound tends to smoothen as it gets older. I also appreciate how durable it is, considering how the medium-thin-weight top and the medium-weight bottom cymbals are holding up. With proper care and playing, these hats can last for a lifetime.

I highly recommend the K Custom Dark Hats to drummers who prefer a dark, solid, versatile hi-hat sound that blends in with the music. It’s a beautiful-looking and even more beautiful-sounding pair of hats. The K Custom Dark Hats may not be affordable, but these high-end hats are worth the investment.