Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHats 14"
Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHats 14"

K Custom Dark HiHats 14", Hi-Hat from Zildjian in the K Custom series.

VishNuRoXoUt 11/30/2011

Zildjian K Custom Dark HiHats 14" : VishNuRoXoUt's user review

« I can't begin to explain how nice these sound, but I'll try.  »

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I've played a ton of cymbals over many years especially a lot of hi hat pairs. These are the best ones I've played hands down. It's hard to explain how great these hi hats are without just being able to show you. I have used them for a lot of R&B, Hip Hop and Jazz and they pretty much own any other set of hi hats I have used in those departments. That said, they are extremely versatile and can still do rock and metal really well. Very nice chick sound, even with the hi hats as tight as I can have them. I do a lot of hi hat work when playing jazz and hip hop and these hats are insanely dynamic. From the edges, to the bell you can find some nice sounds for different applications. Just slightly open they have a very distinct washy sound that I haven't been able to find with another pair of hats. You can achieve some really great dynamics doing a lot of open-close stuff. They are just really pleasing to the ear. Zildjian K cymbals of all kinds are really costly, but I really think they are worth it. The craftsmanship I see in these are beautiful, and like I've said before they have a distinct sound I haven't been able to emulate using any other hats. I had only borrowed these hi hats for a while, but I really plan to buy some when I can afford it. They are just that great. It's hard to go into greater detail with how the hi hats sound, but if you're looking for remarkable sounding hats that are not clunky and can cut through in a mix really well, I would definitely recommend having a look at these. They are my personal favourite and I think they will remain my favourite for some time to come.