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Thread Help with Drum & Bass Loops Plz

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1 Help with Drum & Bass Loops Plz
Im a new producer, and i've spent lots of time learing alot. But one thing I need to learn:

How do I make Drum and or Bass Loops, or let alone finding proper sounds for todays modern rap n' hip hop, instead of grabbing samples that already come with program (at whatever bpm). I'm using 'Reason 3.0.4' which obviously comes with Factory Soundbank and Orkester Soundbank, and when I try to find bass or drum sounds from them, all the sounds arent the bass or drums you hear in typical rap songs that are produced today. Call me a dummy... but I gotta learn somewhere...

Plz help, Thx
D.Rose - UpTopRecords - (613)
Mmm... Good question! I'm not a newbie but I must say that I could not tell so easily how they make the Drum & bass loops. It is mostly certain that they don't create the D&B loops with the drum kits from synths/softs only.

I think real drummers make parts of the loops on real drumkits, sample it and equalize it and/or add effect to some of the percussions. They somtimes pitch a part of the loop (like the snares). Anyway I think making your own D&B loops is not easy (that is why so many sample CDs exist). For hiphop/rap, the loops are slower but if you want your drums to have a very specific sound you will need to do the same (record drums, etc).

Ok, this is what I think but I am not 100% sure about this. Hopefully someone more experienced will tell us more.
Thx for the reply,

yea thats the impression i've been getting lately about this. Im still producing using sample D&B loops, only because its what I know how to do so far.

If anyone else can help with this I'd appreciate it.
D.Rose - UpTopRecords - (613)
I think Psycom is right. they've got the means, so they just get musicians to come in and play, and then they cut and paste and sample and EQ etc...

I'm a guitarist and I've done a few studio sessions for RnB and hip hop artists. They basically wanted me to sound like a sample. to play what they wanted as exact and perfect and machine-like as possible! over and over. or to just play loads of random stuff, and then they would keep what they liked. it was a bit surrealistic! having a live player come in and then asking him to sound like a sample! but hey, as long as they've got the cash....
That would make sense. So a way to make Drm and Bass loops is to use Sounds that are already with the program or Live hardware instruments > Record them > and play around/adjust/Equalize the sounds?

Sounds fair enough to me, I definately need to spend time learning how to do that.

If anyone has tips on how to do this, Plz let me know. (ex: making a Bass sound that you would hear when Young teenagers like me drive with the Volume in their car Cranked to the peak with a Sub in it)

- Thx to the ppl who replied
D.Rose - UpTopRecords - (613)