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Hpruvot 07/20/2006

Cort LCS-1 : Hpruvot's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
-In which country was it made? Korea, I think.

-The number of frets? I confess not to have counted: Rhythmic playing rather, access to extremely serious matter to me at least, that said, I sometimes make deals until the 18th position with no problem ... making me very small fingers!

-What are the settings? 2 volumes, 2 tones, one for each microphone and 3-position selector. The two pickups are Seymour Duncan. The sound palette is quite broad. For my part I use the guitar for the country and some blues fat enough. I've even explore directories Pop Rock with happiness and of course jazz. I repeat the branch of a pedal and a Boss ME 30 Tube Preamp Hughes and Kettner (Tube man first generation) to directly attack the mixer. I sometimes have some losses but sound comes from the lamp of the preamp which is to change (not easy to achieve it says on the tube man). Otherwise, whatever the style, I get the sound. Stage I of the branch on a Camel Carlton via my pedals, then there is no picture: wonder of wonders! In home studio (VS xpended 1680), the branch I live through the effects of cards (with amp simulations): the always ON.

I have the guitar with a sensor control noon for a Roland GR 30: No problem.

-What type of race? I find it quite EPAI, but it is well suited to the purpose of the guitar, jazz: the Demanche and fast scales are going wonderfully. It is mounted in cords of 52-thread flat, which is good for glissendi and sounds very round, but the downside is fatigue in the locked position or extended agreements for fragile fingers, but it would suffice to a lower firing to save the Horn of fingertips ... Finally, I think.

For the handle, I give it a 9, his problems are related to the fading sound quality.


- The handle, I have already mentioned above.

- The weight is quite big, but the guitar is pretty big too, I suppose it must be less suitable for small jigs. However it is very well distributed and can be played standing for several hours without problem. While sitting all goes as superbly.

- For sound, I have already stated above, too. Whatever the chosen combination of pickups, the sound is.


Guitar, if it is originally intended to jazz, suitable for a wide range of music, always in case I did find that happiness.

- At the sound, clean sounds, round him ideally suited especially a tube amp, that said, I tested the amp transistors directly on the mixer, or even a keyboard amp and by direct entry into a home studio, she has always behaved very well: I've always managed to get the most interesting. Also I used also with distorted sounds and crunch and the same: nothing to throw away! However, attention to the large Larcena distos (the box!).

- The sounds I like are still those made on tube amp with clean channel, but it's a matter of taste. These sounds mixed with synth sounds (via the sensor South are most interesting)


-I bought it, it's actually my wife who has given me a birthday (and yes, it is the lucky ones!) 8 years ago. I always wanted a guitar case before, I wanted an Ibanez (I can not remember the reference), but back then there was a shortage in France, the seller (an excellent guitarist) has routed my wife on this model that I did not know and to be honest, I had a reluctance on the mark but was quickly dissipated to the quality of the instrument. I'm playing now for over thirty years and guitar, I tried ... I do not say this lightly.

-As far as I know, the value for money is excellent.

-I would do this choice without hesitation, and even with this guitar, I changed my perspective on brands outsider: if I have any advice before buying a guitar, you must try it, sometimes it is better to buy a high-end of a small brand that low and middle-end of a great brand for the same price ... However, in my view, Cort is not a small brand, but when I got this guitar, I did not have the same opinion.