Epiphone B. B. King Lucille
Epiphone B. B. King Lucille
Yoyothebest 05/22/2012

Epiphone B. B. King Lucille : Yoyothebest's user review

«  exeptionnelle, not least »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Korean manufacturing
Report excellent price / quality

Grover tuners and tailpiece bridge with stop bar Tune'o'Matic fine tune!
Not very easy to use for changing strings, but instead, gives it to keep the agreement, so that the more

The surprising Varitone is a tool, you can go from a blues guitar, a telecaster pretend (for those who love)
But be careful, she Lots of sustain, exeptionnelle for blues, to rock I'm more qualified to do with time.
Potentiomettre the volume is less usable than standard models

For wiring and other components, I find nothing wrong, even on the original strings, they are quite good.
I wanted to change the pickups cons of Gibson Classic 57 +, well, when I connected, OUHAAAAA with my spider jam line 6 that makes him

The neck is super nice

It's a Gibson, like all Epiphones!

quality is to go

Beware though, it must quickly get scratched

Sounds harsh environment but with Lots of sustain (this may offend)

My preferences settings:

positions 2 and 3

Global Opinion
I use it for a week.

I hesitated with a sheraton II (which is extremely good guitar, if you change the pickups)
In some detail, it is a copy of the Lucille

When I play it, I feel that BB King is there (obviously not as good)


Very easy to use, this is not a highway as my ARIA
but it does not have the same utility
I still have the lower strings


Blues, rock (to do with time)


A buy if you want a guitar blues and '60s rock
Otherwise, choose a sheraton 2, or another model.