Epiphone B. B. King Lucille
Epiphone B. B. King Lucille
PEERLESSMAN 02/18/2014

Epiphone B. B. King Lucille : PEERLESSMAN's user review

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UNSUNG Made in Korea ..
it is a 335 ES without gills.
see technical config in previous opinions.
Wholesale 2 humbuckers, a varitone 6 position selector 3 positions, 2 volumes, 2 tones
Two outputs (stereo)


quick and pleasant handle,
good ergonomics, a bit heavy but well balanced.
Very easy access to acute.
The sounds are fo midables hor ...


The varitone can rub a result panel styles: Rockabilly, jazz, latin, blues, metal to see (by changing the pickups probably) Country ... but it's not my cup of tea.
Currently, I play on a minibrain polytone for jazz and variety.
I also use my Hot Rod for light and crunchy sounds.
I tried the guitar on two old Roland amps (60 cubic chorus and JC 80)


I did that for a few days.
I have several very different from each other guitars, including LP STUDIO, TV and thinline strat squier classic vibes, several guitars for blues jazz.Bon we even talk about it, it is obviously his favorite thing.
Some say that electronics is low end. Maybe I'll change the pickups to give it a little more value, but we'll see.
Plug in stereo on two amps or enjoy two entries polytone sticking a distortion pedal on an entry and distortion on the mic of choice is controlled with the switch ... yum ... yum .... a treat.
It is ultra poyvalente and reminds me of my two Japanese pro aria TS 600 I've never been able to sell so it was amazing I have given to my daughter.
I should have bought a "lucille" earlier.
Here sorry for being so long maia it's worth.