Epiphone Casino Reissue
Epiphone Casino Reissue
MGR/phill 01/02/2002

Epiphone Casino Reissue : MGR/phill's user review

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wanted a hollow body w single coils for the blues and vintage rock sound. Music 123 for 550.00 w case.

I like it all eccept the tuners but they will do.This guitar is flawless. It sounds good without plugging it in for practice. Ihave 6 other guitars but pick this one up the most to practice. I can see why this was lennons favorite guitar. The tone sings and it is great for the blues. Mine is torguise, white binding on the body and neck. With the chrome hardware and chrome p90 dog eared pickups it looks like a 56 t-bird(the car).But its the sound that sets this guitar apart. It will feedback if your close to the amp or in high noise situation.The pickups are reverse wound so you can put it in the middle position and tone down the other pickup to get rid of the noise if you have to.But this is how it is with hollow body single coils.

I have played guitars much more expensive and they dont stack up to this guitar.
If this was lost or stollen I would replace it asap.

I replaced the tunners with grover minis.But I am pickey.

A1 I have seen some gibsons not as good.

If your looking for the p90 sound and want an electric you can practice with unplugged this is it.I have played rock, blues, country with it It is great. Heavy metal no.
I use a strat or a les paul. If I was looking for my first electric(not heavy metal) I would recommend it.I play this guitar the most eccept for a modified super strat. I used a d35 martin to practice with before the casino now I mostly play the casino.I think epiphone does a good job for the bucks.

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