Epiphone Dot Studio
Dr Sly 02/06/2013

Epiphone Dot Studio : Dr Sly's user review

«  a scraper simple and effective »

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a handle, a body, strings, 2 pickups, 1 tone, volume, microphone selector


a handle on which is great on its brands, a case certainly impressive but when you get used to, like weight, access to acute, yes, normal, anyway this is not the kind of thing I'm interested, I'm not for his solos and I, it suits me perfectly, plug, sounds, plug it, it sounds too plain, good sound, distortion too.


I play with a marshall jtm60 and I punkifiée French song and I must say it is quite suitable to my style. I put the selector in the middle position, the volume to 10 and the tone sounds at 6-7 and nickel.
his only fault was the bridge a little edge that made me break a lot of strings, but since I have softened their support angle and I use picks more flexible, this problem is less frequent.


basically a guitar whose quality is matched only by his great face. I flashed on his first appearance, then when I tried it, I knew it was the one I wanted. she will nickel for what I play and how I play! I have since 2008, bought new 200 euros, and needless to say I do not regret having bought ... I use it regularly and I will still continue to play with a good time. she did a bunch of gigs and even more répets in five years (I write in 2013) and has always been up to. so that when I think to buy a second scratch (emergency or "superior") I find it hard to stop on a choice because I'm often to try, I have trouble find a guitar that could match in my eyes and create a connection such as the one I have with it (in fact the only time I happened to have a thunderbolt equivalent to a plow, it was testing a les paul junior-yes, I like simple and effective guitar - a day in store that I did not buy it because at that time I was about to buy an amp and not a scratch). Briefly, I can say that it is subjectively excellent scratch that combines aesthetics, quality and price cool!