Epiphone Dot Studio
MGR/Chris Bereznay 05/18/2008

Epiphone Dot Studio : MGR/Chris Bereznay's user review

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Been playing for almost 30 years but you wouldn't know it. It's usually on and off in between my other hobbies. Now and then I will get into recording heavy, usually when inspired. I like country, rock, metal and pop.

I bought this unit from Musicians' Friend. I paid $269 for a B stock model so supposedly it was damaged or old or something but honestly I couldn't tell that anything was wrong with it.

I love the semi-hollow body tone. I also like the laminated maple top, back, and sides, the set maple neck, the semi-hollow construction and of course the vintage Alnico V plus pickups which really give it a warm sweet tone.

The neck isn't real comfortable for me even though I like it in appearance.

The quality seems fine. Epi construction is pretty good, I think they're made in Mexico or China or something. Not bad quality for a few hundred bucks though. Geeze, how can you beat that!?

Bottom line, I got a $500 guitar (or more) for under $300 and it's supposed to be b stock, but I can't tell why. Was it a good deal? You betcha!

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