swmcv2007 01/22/2009

Epiphone Sheraton II : swmcv2007's user review


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Mine is a Made in Korea 1994 Epiphone Sheraton II in the dark sunburst color. It's a 335 type body with a center block but it has a few stylistic twists. It has gold painted hardware and a very cool looking tortoise shell style pickguard. It has a beautiful 22 fret neck with a pearloid block made of 3 triangles. It comes with 2 Epiphone humbckers and the standard dual volume/tone with a 3 way selector switch. It also has the standard stopbar tailpiece and tunomatic bridge. The neck is this guitar's secret weapon. Not only is it a beautiful but it feels amazing. It's comparable to a lot of higher end Gibsons. It has a round profile and a great feel. The frets are beautifully done. It's smooth and fast while still having the strings be a little bit wider apart. The binding on the neck is beautiful as well.

Did I mention the breathtaking leaf inlay on the headstock (that has binding)? It's a real beauty.


Like I said before, the neck is on the wider side but it's still very easy to play. It's actually more of a dream. With the double cutaways you have great access to the higher frets. It's also easy to play up there due to the wide frets. It's a little heavy but not as much as a Les Paul. The body feels nice and is has it's own unique characteristics to its shape. The reason I gave this guitar a 6 is because G string is really hard to stay in tune and the pots get some type of buildup and cause the sound the crackle in an out as you turn the knobs. With upgrades this guitar could be a perfect 10 (especially for the price) but as is there's a lot of problems and I don't feel confident bringing it to a gig.


This guitar does sound pretty good. It is very loud and can distort a solid state amp on the clean channel. Through a tube amp this guitar sounds dirty unless you clean it up which is hard because of the problem with the knobs. I mainly use it to play Rolling Stones songs because it just sounds so good. It overdrives my Fender Blues Deluxe perfectly for overdriven 60's garage rock. I would like to change the pickups. I feel with 2 higher end Seymour Duncan's this guitar would sound better than a Gibson ES-335.

I gave it a 7 because while it sounds good, it really can't get too many different tones with these pickups.


I've had this guitar for about 5 years now and its a good guitar but it just needs a little work. I love how well the guitar is made but the hardware needs an upgrade. It's worth it though because you could get a used one for about 450 and put some really nice hardware in for a little less than you got the guitar for. I tried some other semi-hollowbody's for around the same price and none of them compared to the Sheraton II. Great value.

I gave this guitar an 8 because while it has some shortcomings, it's the best semi-hollowbody in its price range. It would be a great buy for an intermediate player who wants a better quality practice instrument. It is also a great buy for someone who wants a great semi-hollowbody that they can customize. I probably wouldn't get another one, but I am planning on upgrading this one soon, and I would really miss it if it were gone.