Godin 5th Avenue
redcarp 08/08/2012

Godin 5th Avenue : redcarp's user review

«  good material »

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I think it's birch plywood, manufactured in Canada.


The neck is excellent, all guitarists who are trying my Godin reached agreement. the interface is excellent it really is in the canons of modern guitars. The head does not fall despite the presence of effective mechanical oil bath. The sound is good? But very distinctive. The handle is fair and accurate in all its length.


This is an acoustic guitar, Godin actually now large variation with microphones. I know that the acoustic model. The sound is old school ties typed. The register of this guitar is very old time blues with rope phosphorus / bronze (to play Robert Johnson is excellent). But it is also very well connected in strings Argentine swing and gypsy. Overall, this is a guitar that excels in the registry blues / jazz from 1920 to 1950. Games with the comfort of a recent guitar and a reasonable price.


I basically played the gypsy with this guitar, I have long sought a kind selmer gypsy guitar at a reasonable price but the price for the Godin was the gypsy "vintage" broken and unplayable or reproduction of Chinese crap. Also I've never been a fan of gypsy guitars square sleeves. I sold this guitar to finance the purchase of a nylon (Chinese, it is not all crap). I kept it and played four years and I have no complaints to him.