Gretsch G6120JR Nashville Jr
Gretsch G6120JR Nashville Jr

G6120JR Nashville Jr, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Gretsch in the Nashville series.

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moosers 01/09/2010

Gretsch G6120JR Nashville Jr : moosers's user review


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The Gretsch G6120Jr Nashville Jr. is a hollow body electric guitar that has 22 frets and two humbucker pick ups.  I believe that the guitar was made in the Japan.  The Nashville Jr. has two F-holes as well as a bigsby whammy bar.  The guitar has a standard pick up switch along with volume and tone knobs for each of them.


Playing the Gretsch G6120Jr Nashville Jr. is a real pleasure, as the rosewood fretboard has a great feel.  The guitar is extremely easy to play for both rhythm and lead guitar parts.  The Nashville Jr. is a bit heavy for a hollow body, but doesn't make it hard to hold or anything like that.  The shape and style of the guitar is one of the nicest that I have seen, as it really catches the eye.  Getting a good sound isn't hard, and there are a good amount of different tones that you're able to get between the different pick ups...


For a hollow body guitar, the Gretsch G6120Jr Nashville Jr. certainly has a lot of growl to it.  When I first plugged it in, I wasn't expecting it to have as fat of a tone as it does, as I was really expecting a more traditional hollow body sound.  I first used the guitar for a session, as I recorded the guitar through a Big Muff and '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb amp, and the tone that I got was outstanding.  It cut right through the mix and really took me by surprised.  I did find that I was also able to get a more traditional hollow body tone for a clean sound, but I was amazed at the difference between the two that I was able to get... 


As far as hollow body guitars go, the Gretsch G6120Jr Nashville Jr. is up their with my favorites.  This guitar rips for a guitar of this type, and is a tone that I was not expecting at all from it.  The price of the Nashville Jr. is pretty reasonable for a guitar of this high quality, and is definitely guitar that I would recommend for anyone looking for a hollow body guitar or any electric guitar in general.  This is really an impressive electric guitar that not only has a beautiful look, but the sound to match.