Gretsch G6120JR Nashville Jr
Gretsch G6120JR Nashville Jr

G6120JR Nashville Jr, Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar from Gretsch in the Nashville series.

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Phil_Guitar 07/16/2007

Gretsch G6120JR Nashville Jr : Phil_Guitar's user review


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Did you know??
This is not a criterion that affects the quality, far from it!
For technical specifications see more at the official website of GRETSCH .....


As with her older sister, is pleased to appointment. Easy guitar to play, with "almost" the same stamp as the "standard" model. Be careful not to ropes with elastics (weak ties), because this requires the guitar to sound full HEFTY (from 10-52 and up), this is not a real problem because the instrument is to an extreme comfort when "tuned" properly (check the adjustment of the neck-bridge, and adapt to his style of play).
The guitar delivers everything timbre of the sounds clear, it becomes a real Rolls-Roice when going to sound more "crunchy" (light saturation).
This instrument therefore incorporates features of its big sister, but it is much more comfortable thanks to a smaller box.


This instrument is perfect for styles ranging from Country-Rock Country Blues, to the Rock'a'Billy (of course!).
It is also perfect for jazz.
Attention spent a certain amount of amplification and saturation, this guitar is a real "FACTORY Larsen" we must learn to tame.


A gem. But too expensive, unfortunately, most of us.
PS: make a little squabble with your resellers, by dint of TANNER trade policies tend to become more attractive to the "clients" that we are !!!!!!