spiritfingers 02/02/2009

Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current] : spiritfingers's user review


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My Ibanez semi-hollow body was made in Mexico. The AS-200 has 22 frets, and mine is a right handed configuration. There are two pickups with separate knob controls for volume and tone of each. The guitar has a maple neck and large gold plated tuning pegs and bridge.


The neck has a nice feel, good spacing on frets and with the cut away it is easy to make it up to all the notes. For such a large guitar it is a very light which sits easily with a large strap. It is easy to get a nice sound with the different controls for each pick up. If you will be playing over the bridge you can have the back pick up louder than the front, or if you will be palm muting it is good to turn the back pickup all the way down and only use the front pickup. Many different uses!


The guitar suites my type of music, which is primarily folk/jazz, but the guitar has a wide range. It is a semi-hollow body of course, so it has a rich almost acoustic tone if you want it. I play it clean most of the time, but sometimes use various reverbs for effects.


I have had my AS-200 for 3 years now and bought it for 250 new. The thing I like the most is the hollow-body design. The thing I dislike the most of the placement of the input jack. It is on the bottom of the guitar and I have had mine pushed into the body twice needing repair. The hollow-body has a thin shell so the input can be forced into the body of the guitar. I believe I got a great price and didn't try out any other similar models. Knowing what I know how I would still have bought my AS-200. its a great guitar!