MGR/Bob Sims 12/16/2002

Ibanez AS200 [2014-Current] : MGR/Bob Sims's user review

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For years I wanted an ES-335. This Ibanez AS-200 is essentially a clone with the addition of a nice coil-splitting feature on the neck pickup. At the time (8 years ago), I felt the Ibanez quality was much better than Gibson. Although I hear Gibson has improved (hard to believe after visiting their factory in Memphis last year).

The range of tones is a big plus, with the coil-tapping (3 choices: single coil, parallel or series humbucker). Guitar Player gave it very high marks for versitility. I've actually gotten some new sounds out of it since reading the article in GP. This instrument covers jazz, blues, rock and probably anything else one might want. My Strat, I use for blues, period!

The wide neck took a little getting used to after my SG, but it's great for finger-style. Turns out my new American Strat neck is just as wide.

Not much. It would have been interesting to hear the bridge pickup tapped like the neck.

Too bad, the AS-200 is not more available or promoted by Ibanez. I found it only in one shop (even Guitar Center doesn't carry it), and I bought the only one I've seen this shop carry in the last 8 years. I've never seen it in a catalog.

Very high quality constrution and finish. Everything is coordinated for a beautiful effect, "Vintage" style tuners, golden sunburst finish, flame maple top, gold hardware and fully bound (body, f-holes, neck, headstock).

It is a real pleasure to look at and especially hold this instrument.

This is essentially the instrument (without coil-splitting) that John Scofield (the jazz giant!) has been using his whole career.

If my AS-200 guitar got lost or stolen, I'd definitely have to special order one from Ibanez!

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