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pindou78 08/09/2006

Orville ES335 : pindou78's user review


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Made in Japan in late 1979? 80, 1993; mine Regarding First date 1980. She is 26 years old ...
Characteristics identical to a Gibson ES 335 in all points (, 22 frets, 2 PAF cache nickel, one selector 3 position pickups, 2 volume controls and 2 tone and dark red (wine red) very dark .. super nice ... type 62 gold buttons.
The handle is of very good production: 50 mm at 12 ° to 355 ditto box of 62, length is the same as the cushy detail Gibson.petit pearl are smaller than 8 / 10 mm for the rest .. totally .. same finish index vibartoire ditto ..
the wood is of very good quality, odor than 25 years, a sublime guitar that rivals the good years of good Kalananzo Gibson ..

According to information found on the web, everything is very vague to lce model "Orville by Gibson" 355 dot, is the manufacturing acastillage Gibson on U.S. products by Gibson .. ile a gender checkered gibson sticker inside the same as the Gibson 355. Japanese electronics are very good, good wiring braid shielding, ditto knob Gibson ...... etc.
The rest is assembled in the factory Fugi-gen Gakki company ditto ............ Greek and Gibson US-starved small hands after the closure of the plant .. Kalamanzo to nashville and chaotic early years of the manufacture of 80 .. .... Etc. .. Orville is superb and fantastic wood assembly authorized to manufacture high-level rivaling Japanese market and legalized copy of a production of very high level ...


The handle of this is fantastic Orville 355 Dot hooping average height of a jumbo litght well rectified very fast precision Gibson .. Idem.
that's what I Prefair on this guitar is the balance, much better than the Gibson, probably the assembly of the density of the wood weight .. ditto ..
Orville pickups sound pretty good but not enough typed "blues for me, so I changed to 2 A-6 pickups Benedeto demagnetized to 20% that I changed.
The two I tested Gibson 490 and 500 were totally disappointing Burk .. ..
Sound "old Gibson" 100%. Versatile Guitar: Blues of course, jazz, rock ... excellent sound with a Vox AC30 or Fender VibroChamp, Marshall 1974, etc. ....


I am very Blues ... 335 Orville and this is a fantastic guitar ....+++
I have a lot of guitars (gibson, fender, Tokai, Yamaha SA ..... etc) over 18, the Japanese for years 70/80/90 marked by the precision assembly, the quality of the violin and woods, far surpassing U.S. production in Nashville (except maybe the custom shop) Orville by Gibson that turned me head because I tested too bad Gibson expensive years 80/90/2000 see more. .....
The resulting sound is very warm and powerful .. that of a good Gibson 355 Dot, especially with a good Vox, Fender, Marshall all tube, it is a fantastic style overdrive pedal (Ibanez, maxon ..) then there .. crazy ..
but the blues .. it takes a bold and just a bit of style saturation (fender 57 or the bottom field) this guitar sounds absolutely crazy ... ditto for a very good Gibson yes it is ... but you have to look ... and the bill is heavy $ $


For two years and I just never tire of this ORVILLE 355 Dot
A guitar that comes from Japan, found on the internet and imported directly for $ 1300 or 1100Euros with taxes .. FEEDEX delivered a guarantee for the sublime guitar ..
She was played by a man of 77 years who had another 335 and two Greco Orville, Les Paul and 175 also fantastic
I promised to do him honor and never sell it.
Here I can provide what is not for sale .. and I'm bitten by the Japanese since those years .. the surprise is total .. Gibson Guitars fantastic + + + + LP, 335 ...
I test Souvant good Gibson, Fender and many amps, I have my violin shop too, I roll my mics ... etc. .. and restore the old gloss, fix broken handles .., etc. .. j.. My friends have also cracked the 355 on that Orville's velvet ..
Tokai Start, Orville, yamaha, Greco, strat fernandez, TV ..... that guitar factory Fugi-gen Gakki company
the choice is no problem for this guitar Orville 335 DOT ... I do it again the choice to stay out of the tendency of brands.