Peavey JF-1 EXP
Peavey JF-1 EXP
ghighi26 04/18/2011

Peavey JF-1 EXP : ghighi26's user review

«  A good hollow body »

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Hollow body guitar (1 / 4 Cash)
Made in China
The finish is very good. No surprises.
Copying 335.
Typical configuration for this type of guitar: Gibson type bridge, 2 humbuckers with hood.


The handle is quite large (more than my Gibson Firebrand), but we made it very quickly. It is slightly curved, again it is surprising at first. Mother of pearl inlay (this is not "dods") it's more "class".
22 frets, you can easily reach up to 16 or 17 (it's better than the Les Paul!)
What baffles the most is the size of the fund, when playing standing. We must review its position! Seated, this poses no problem.
Another pleasant surprise is the quality of the microphones. I was expecting the "cheap", but no, they are quite excellent. Admittedly, this is not very high end, but it is very convincing: its clean, easily obtained with the jazzy sound serious, and his blues roots with enough treble. Once you put a bit of overdrive, it sounds pat "stoniens, 70s and even AC / DC if you push the drive.


I bought it to complement a variety of sounds besides my Gibson Firebrand and my Stat, without putting a fortune (with his Epiphone Sheraton exaggerating!) And I'm not disappointed: it gives me the sounds that I expected, with a wider range of sounds than I thought. What more!


In short: a good hollow body, well finished, with microphones more than correct.
In addition it is sunburst in sublime!