Peavey JF-1 EXP
Peavey JF-1 EXP
kawabonga 11/16/2009

Peavey JF-1 EXP : kawabonga's user review


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I said that I have version JF1 EX, with Inlays finest ...

Made in China

Couple TOM / Stop Bar

D handle it seems to me, not a model of comfort to play with the thumb on top, but hey, we made it anyway.

The key is rosewood, 22 frets well polished, but not binding over-the freight!

Couple of humbucker pickups Peavey Electronics classic 2 vol, 2 tone, three-position selector.

The finish is correct, the mechanics keep the agreement.


The guitar is quite heavy (more than my Les Paul), I was tired at the end of last repeat, but I had a very fine webbing may be wider than it would be more comfortable.

Access to the treble is nice, thanks to the double cutaway, no complaints on it!

The form 335 can not suit everyone!


I was looking for a guitar type 335 because I had fallen in love with a Gibson, but I did not have the budget ...

There are very clearly the grain of the guitar, certainly not with so many grahou and harmonic richness, but it's cool!

I played it plugged into a JCM 2000 on clean (not a reference in this area), but with OD808 for a creamy overdrive.

The sounds are really convincing! Unfortunately I have not tried other 335 in this price range, but I had a nice presence of microphones, it seems to me entirely correct plugged into an amp that respects himself, and did not need be changed, at least I do not feel the need yet.

The knobs seem to work pretty well, I get a great blues sound fat on the neck pickup, tone diminished, it's great! The microphone is a bridge a particular grain, very AC / DC, the sauce Malcolm.

Note that I have mounted a 11-56 game, great casting move, so it must contribute to the fact that it sounds good, and that the mechanics take the bends etc..

Otherwise, empty, she projects a lot, but it's true it sounds a little plastic (previous review).

I do not think we can say that it is versatile, but it reflects the idea that I had of this type of guitar, and for the price, I like it!


I bought used some time ago for 115 €, which is a good price I think. So, I have plenty for my money!

After, I have not tried the competition, so I can not compare, but it is 6 years since I played, and a lot of guitars I have passed through the hands, I think for the price I paid thereof, and the pleasure it gives me, it will remain a time ... until I have the means to the original!

on the other hand, it's not a guitar that I would advise to plug in a bad amp ... It must be able to give its full potential!