MGR/Wes B. 08/08/2005

Peavey JF-1 EXP : MGR/Wes B.'s user review

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I purchased my Peavey JF1 EXP at a small shop in Houston, TX. I was in the market for a semi-hollow body styled electric. I found this and paid $300 for it. I could not be any happier. This guitar is beautiful all around. The finish is gorgeous. Red, Black and Vintage Sunburst were available. I chose Sunburst. The gold hardware adds to the beauty. Sounds great, plays great, looks great...what else do you need? Oh yeah, good price.

After looking around to find what I wanted I found this peavey guitar to be least for what I had to spend. I checked out the Ibanez Artcore series guitars and found that, compared to this Peavey, Ibanez Artcore guitars were low quality. First, to pick up the JF1 you can feel the quality. Great contruction, practically flawless. Played acoustically it sounds fine...foreshadows of great tone to come when plugged in. The action is great. Of course every player prefers different settings but you can take this baby low and fast. The humbucker pick-ups are awesome, truly high output. I have 3 electrics and this one is the most powerfull. The tones coming out of this guitar are amazing. sweet and mellow to hard rockin' and everything in between. If you need a guitar with that semi-hollow tone this is it. For $300 you can't beat it. Of course if you can afford a Gibson E-335 or other comperable axe then go for it but if you have $300-$400 and want a quality instrument then this is the way to go.

The only thing I don't like about this guitar is that the tuning keys are not as precise as I would like but it does the job. If you wanted you could replace them and the problem is fixed. Other than that there is nothing I dislike. It's a great experience every time I play it.

One more thing. Peavey now has the JF2, that sucks cause now I'll have to try that one.

Very solid construction. Neck thru body is strong and adds sustain. The finish beautiful. Leaves nothing to be desired. As stated before, compared to other guitars of this type and in this price range these seem to be the best built, best quality units.

Buy it, buy it, buy it. And then buy the JF2 also.

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