skyzoid 09/30/2006

Rickenbacker 360/12 : skyzoid's user review


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Rickenbacker fireglo (red gradient), manufactured in the States (like all the brand Rickenbacker). THE guitar!
Superb finish, we will say enough good, you feel immediately that it was a great hands. I played before (and always) on a Fender Tele, but here the difference is clear. Channel 24 fret (two octaves, it does), 12-string for a wealth of incredible, it's revisit what we play for when to use the scraper, because the disont outright, this type of sound will be not at all the pieces.
2 humbuckers, 2 tone knobs for each plus a fifth which is the balance between the two microphones. The characteristics are the same as version 6 strings anyway.


Only problems: the handle, very end. Request an adjustment period, for the fingers are welcome. But otherwise the game on 12-string is not a problem in itself, access to the boxes is more acute aisémment.
Another good point: a super light weight, when you consider the microphones, with 12 keys, it's pretty impressive. A lightweight concrete for sound.


12 strings: absolumment superb. As mentioned above, it is not used for all the songs (from my point of view), but the sound is a precision and richness to fall backwards. I use a Fender Blues Deluxe amp (40 watts), we get very fast, powerful sound, accurate, great. In seeking longer, the sound is fantastic. I play with the medium, not too sharp or too fat, I usually put the selector in the middle to péchus sounds, and above are more suitable for the rides, play calmer.
In any case, in its wide range of perspectives.


I for one month, it took me a few days to get used to, but I do spend more. 12-string sound is exactly what I wanted (Jeff Buckley forces ...).
But the disont on any suitor: to have it, we must seek, and to try it, it will Pigalle in Paris. It is located between 1600 and 1800 euros, come with hard case. I saved for, and I do not regrtte.