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Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Gibson ES-125

    Gibson ES-125 - moosers's review


    The Gibson ES-125 is a hollow body, archtop electric guitar from the 1940's and 1950's. This guitar is still popular today as it's one of the most popular models from the time period. It has a single P-90 pick up and was made in the USA as far as I…

  • Ibanez AS103

    Ibanez AS103 - "Best 335-style for under $1500."


    Made in China Semi-hollow body - maple top, back, sides, and neck Rosewood fingerboard Rosewood knobs! Rosewood peghead veneer Gold hardware Ibanez Super 58 humbuckers Ibanez tuners with pearloid buttons Tuneamatic style bridge Stop tailpiec…

  • PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow Soapbar

    PRS SE Custom Semi-Hollow Soapbar - "Semi PRS on a budget"


    The PRS SE Semi Hollow Custom is a guitar that was introduced a few years back in the company's wildly popular SE line of guitars. The PRS Hollowbody is praised as one of the most versatile and well crafted guitars made by them today, so it's no shoc…

  • Rickenbacker 620

    Rickenbacker 620 - "Jingle jangle"


    The Rickenbacker 620 is a really unique and cool guitar that offers a distinct and different voice from the typical Gibson, Fender or Ibanez guitars that are commonplace nowadays. Rickenbacker guitars were noted in the sixties for their futuristic lo…

  • Hofner Guitars Verythin Classic

    Hofner Guitars Verythin Classic - "Beautiful Semi Hollow"


    The Hofner Verythin Classic is a reissue of the company's original highly noted semi hollow body guitar from the sixties called the Verythin. It has a very thin (!) double cutaway body with a center block of wood down the body a-la a Gibson ES335 gui…

  • Godin 5th Avenue

    Godin 5th Avenue - "Cool, daddy-o"


    The Godin 5th Avenue is an archtop guitar made in the tradition of many of the very simplistic guitars made by Gibson, Epiphone, Harmony, Regal, et al in the forties and fifties. It's extremely no frills, but it sacrifices needless features and exces…

  • Epiphone The Dot

    Epiphone The Dot - "Great Economic Rocker!!"


    2002 Korean made Cherry Red dot. 22 Medium frets, pressed into a rosewood fretboard with dot markers. Neck is made out of mahogany, the body is made of (laminated) maple. Neck has the thinner '60s profile, much shallower than the fat '50-ies model. T…

  • Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Thinline

    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Thinline - "Value Vibe is more like it"


    I'm not sure what the specifics on these CV Squiers are. Apparently they're China made or something. I've played a lot of Squiers in my day and wasn't impressed by any of them. But the price tag on these isn't exactly Squier-like. They're priced …

  • Rickenbacker 360

    Rickenbacker 360 - "Classic guitar doesn't dissapoint"


    Made in: U.S.A. Body Type: Semi Acoustic No. Frets: 24 Scale Length: 62.9 cm (24 3/4'') Neck Width at Nut: 41.4 mm (1.63'') Neck Width at 12th Fret: 49.05 mm (1 .931'') Crown Radius: 25.4 cm (10'') Body Wood: Maple Neck Wood: Maple Fingerboa…

  • Gretsch G6128T-DSV Duo Jet

    Gretsch G6128T-DSV Duo Jet - "A nearly flawless vintage reproduction"


    Gretsch guitars have been around in one form or another for quite some time and survived through the last half century or so of big name instrument company wars. In 2002, Fender Guitars took control of production of the Gretsch line. Since then, ma…