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Hollow Body/Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Ibanez AS73

    Ibanez AS73 - "Save your pennies for the AS103."


    SPECS Neck Material: Mahogany Neck Type: Artcore set-in Body: Maple top/back/sides Frets: Large frets Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood Inlay: Pearl dot inlay Bridge: ART1 bridge NeckPU: ACH1 BridgePU: ACH2 HW Color: CH Finis…

  • Gibson ES-330 TDC

    Gibson ES-330 TDC - "Amazing instrument."


    Made in USA (Kalamazoo, Michigan) Maple laminate back, sides, and top Bound fretboard, double bound body No center block - completely hollow contruction, 2 f-holes Mahogany neck Rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets Trapezoidal mother of pearl inl…

  • Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman

    Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman - "Great guitar, weighs a ton!"


    Made in Nashville, TN, USA Maple top, back, sides, neck, and center block Ebony Fretboard, with 22 frets Chet Atkins Half Circle offset inlays Tuneamatic bridge Bigsby tailpiece 2 Gibson humbuckers 1 master volume, 2 individual pickup volumes,…

  • Eastman T145SMD

    Eastman T145SMD - "Twice as good as an ES175 for half the price."


    China handmade construction Solid wood top, back, and sides - no laminates Hollow Body Single cutaway, hollow body with parallel bracing, one built in humbucking pickup with 1 tone and 1 volume control, tuneable archtop bridge & ebony archtop tail…

  • Saint Blues 61 south

    Saint Blues 61 south - "Nice axe! Les telepaulocaster!"


    Made in Korea Wilkinson WTB bridge, brass saddles, Wilkinson vintage-style tuners. St Blues T-style single-coil (bridge) and P-90 (neck). Fingerboard Material: Maple Guitar Body Material: Ash, with a bound top and bottom Neck Material: Hard Ro…

  • Reverend Manta Ray 290

    Reverend Manta Ray 290 - "Fancy top fancy sound"


    Reverend is a pretty small guitar maker but they are hitting the scene big with their high quality guitars sold at great prices. The names of the models tells you all you need to know about the guitar. This is the Manta Ray their semi-hollow ES-335 t…

  • Ibanez AFS75T

    Ibanez AFS75T - moosers's review


    The Ibanez AFS Series AFS75T is a hollow body electric guitar that is both built well and quite affordable. I'm not sure where the guitar is being made, but it's not the United States. It's got two ACH humbucker pick ups and vibrato whammy bar. Th…

  • PRS Hollowbody II - Smoked Orange

    PRS Hollowbody II - Smoked Orange - "Blah. Very uninspiring."


    Made in USA Flame maple top and back Mahogany neck Rosewood fretboard with 22 frets Bird inlays PRS Phase II locking tuners PRS pickups Piezo Hollow body with f-holes Volume, tone, 3 way pickup selector, 3 way mini toggle for mag/mag piezo/p…

  • Ibanez AS103

    Ibanez AS103 - "Awesome value"


    Made in Japan I believe. Basically the prestige line of Ibanez hollow bodies. Set up very much like an old 335. Two volume two tone. Nice apointments. Good flame and nice hardware. Inlays are pretty decent. Overall there aren't a lot of surpri…

  • Reverend Manta Ray 290

    Reverend Manta Ray 290 - "Reverend Semi hollow with P90s"


    Reverend is a small guitar maker out of America making high quality guitars for very decent prices. They have a wide range of guitars falling into two catagories set neck and bolt on. This is one of their set neck models. This is their Manta Ray mode…