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Thread What sound card? RAM and cache

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1 What sound card? RAM and cache
I am considering using Logic 8 on my Mac book Pro (last years Mac book Pro).
I have recently purchased an MPD 24 and a Alexis Photon x25 which I plan to use with my Mac and Logic (and/ or possibly Ableton).

I was considering buying the Native instruments Audio Kontrol 1

I want good/excellent analoug to digital convertion when I am sampling of vinyl.

I want the sequencer to run well (even with a fair few FX plugins being used) with a good overall sound quility.

I want the midi slave triggers (MPD 24/ Alexis) to have very little latency.

I was considering buying the Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 which is £170- £190 new. My budget for a sound card is around £200. I don't mind buying second hand.

I am also considering buying a RAM upgrade for my Mac Book Pro as it only has 2 gig. What kind of RAM is right for Mac and where can I get it?

Also I was told recently about DSP card with FX bundles???? as an alternative to upgrading the RAM.
Also is it worth upgrading my Cache memory (currently have 3 meg) and how do I do this??

Can anyone give me some advice/ feedback on my plans.
PS I also use Serato.. and sometimes I may want to sample me scratching MP3's for production use.

Many thanks!!!