Bill Lawrence USA L-500-XL BILL & Beckie
Bill Lawrence USA L-500-XL BILL & Beckie

L-500-XL BILL & Beckie, Humbucker guitar pickup from Bill Lawrence USA.

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jkessel 04/30/2012

Bill Lawrence USA L-500-XL BILL & Beckie : jkessel's user review

« One of my all time favorites »

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I first got one of these in my 2006 Dean CFH ML. I absolutely loved it. Made my pinch harmonics effortless and just made playing more fun. VERY articulate, some complain it's too bright but in the right guitar it just sings. I put them in all mahogany guitars so that definitely smooths out the high end a bit. I play metal which is really where this shines. It has bright spanky cleans but the high gain this just opens right up. Smooth, articulate, organic, dynamic, what else can I say? This thing is just amazing. Roll back the volume and it really cleans up. It just makes playing so much more effortless, and you don't need to crank your amp to get that feel. I play with much lower gain than most metal heads and with this pickup it gives me amazing definition and stays smooth, while still giving me the gain to play modern metal. As Dime said (paraphrase), it's really thick and chunky on the lows strings but screams on the high strings like a wah pedal toe down. He described it very well.

I only found out about a year ago that the one in my CFH was a Bill n Becky. The pickup didn't have any markings so I called them and they confirmed it was theirs. Since then I've bought about 4 more along with a L500L and a L500R. I've never played a BLUSA so I can't comment on theirs. I do know that both pickups are very very similar so the whole debate online over which is better is complete rubbish. I only stick with B&B cause it was what's in my CFH. Just loved it so no reason to change it out. I have nothing against BLUSA at all, just haven't bought one.... yet.