DiMarzio DP151 PAF Pro
DiMarzio DP151 PAF Pro

DP151 PAF Pro, Humbucker guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the Medium Power series.

ToneZone 03/05/2004

DiMarzio DP151 PAF Pro : ToneZone's user review


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- I use the microwave for 2 months coupled with a tonezone. what I love about this mic is its versatile: it does everything and goes anywhere o. in bridge, it's clear, warm, dynamic. in neck, it's serious, prcis and always hot. its output level is 310 mV according to the benchmarks, so it's not bad.
high quality of the microphone: it is splittable, so we use a coil of the two, making a super clear sound ... it's a good lens fender amp that rgalera!

- I did not test other mics before, I followed the advice and that we see the MRIT of exprience, they just advise.

- The report qualitprix ... I said excellent if I had had 75 euros, but the 112 euros, of course you pay the quality is normal. and believe me its worth it 112 euros.

- I not only referrer choice, but I will more actively advocate speak well of the micro. do not dry up compliments on (a) good (s) Product (s).