DiMarzio DP223 PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge
DiMarzio DP223 PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge

DP223 PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge, Humbucker guitar pickup from DiMarzio in the Vintage Output series.

Hatsubai 03/23/2011

DiMarzio DP223 PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge : Hatsubai's user review

« Boutique sound at a budget price »

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DiMarizo released these pickups awhile back, and for some reason, they still fly under the radar. Aimed at the boutique pickup builders’ PAF variants, DiMarzio set out to build a pickup that was open, had note clarity and sounded like so many of the good vintage PAF clones out there. Like all DiMarzio pickups, it comes standard with four conductor wiring, so you can wire it in any way you’d like. The pickup also has adjustable screw pieces on one coil with slugs on the other.

DiMarzio totally outdid themselves with this pickup. It is ridiculously good. This is one of those PAFs that just sounds amazing in nearly any guitar you put it in. The bridge sounds similar to the Vintage PAF and Vintage Hot mixed together. If you’ve never used those pickups, it has a wonderful “vowely” quality that so many good PAFs have. The bottom end is vintage, but not flubby; the high end is smooth, but not dull. The midrange is pure heaven in this pickup, too.

As expected, this is aimed towards the low output pickup crowd. If you’re looking for a pickup that’s high output for heavy metal, you most likely won’t be checking this pickup out. However, this pickup can get a great 80s rock/metal tone with the right guitar. After all, a lot of those famous guitarists in that day used actual PAFs designed by Seth Lover in their Gibsons.

If you’re looking for a low to medium output bridge pickup that sounds like a vintage PAF, has tons of note clarity and sounds open, I highly recommend checking this pickup out. It’ll fit with nearly any tone wood, and it’ll work great with both Strats and Les Pauls alike. The best thing is that it doesn’t cost a ton of money like so many other boutique pickup manufacturers out there.