Arayorn 09/26/2005

EMG 81 : Arayorn's user review


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I possde this micro juilet since 2004. Mount in the bridge position on a Jackson Kelly KE-3 Japan, coupled with a 85 position handle.

I love the sound of this microphone (magnets raisin bread), whether in big clean sounds or distortion. Clearly it is quite typical and sounds quite "dry" and you have AIM that the EMG and the grain, my personal love! In saturated sounds, it's the terrible, the big potato, sustain hell, dynamic and not an egg background noise (and yes it is good with the active pickups, if indeed what ' using quality cables and that there is no gas for a factory amp ... like my old VS-100 what!). the grain again this dlicieux EMG is Submitted (APRS we like it or not ... everyone loves her gots!)

We can all play saturated with this nice micro from the small to the big rock that mtal spot playing with the volume knob (25 KB, supplied) prcis trs. Tone of the knob and also comes with, mine is not installed because there was no home on Jackson (just volume) but I dj plenty to do!

This micro complies with the violin of the guitar unlike ides (false) reues!

Quality price ratio very nice view of the accessories that come with! (120 euros for me with installation included).

I choose not hsiter referrer for my next guitar (with the Tone knob this time!), A lment indipensable for me (as a fan of Metallica) in my qute Sound! !