Arayorn 09/20/2005

EMG 85 : Arayorn's user review


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I use this mic for over a year and I play mostly rock tends big big rock and metal. I mounted the 85 set to "handle" coupled with a 81 in the bridge position (config classic what!) On a Kelly KE-3 Japanese formerly mounted duncan designed. And then the big slap in the face! I will talk here as 85, but already for a micro alnico has over sin and gain my old Duncan, I can see all my gain settings on the POD down for clean sounds .. .

This micro very well respected violin guitar, and sounds very warm in the neck position (it smells good blues ...) while keeping a huge potato for heavy distortion and very very saturated! Coupled with severe défouraille 81 here! I love this mic sounds as clear as that sounds saturated, it can be played very well with the volume knob on the guitar his whole race (25 KB knob of the coup) to keep a huge reserve of power and get sound clear clear and very pretty! EMG's are not as big nag! This microphone can be defended in all registers!

To recognize by eye on a guitar top is the acronym EMG while it is lightly browned on 81 silver (and black on the 60 I think ...). The 85 version is splittable as the EMG 89 which can be a very interesting alternative.
Micro active forces, no noise to when using the jacks of quality, and the battery needed to operate the micro (one to two EMG of the guitar) in a very long life (something like 2000 or 2500 hours I think) if it is careful to unplug the guitar when you have finished playing!

In short I do not regret this purchase at all on the contrary, my next guitar will probably be equipped with EMG also so I am happy with this microphone! It costs nine euros in the 110-120, so about the same price range as the best Dimarzio or Seymour Duncan, after it is a matter of taste! For me the choice was made long ago ...