EMG 89
EMG 89

89, Humbucker guitar pickup from EMG in the Dual Mode series.

Hatsubai 04/10/2011

EMG 89 : Hatsubai's user review

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The EMG 89 is one of EMG’s more versatile pickups that they offer. Modeling itself after the EMG 85 and SA, it basically combines both of these into one pickup. It features the same looks as a normal EMG, but this one comes with a special push/pull pot to allow for you to select between the two different pickups inside of this. In a way, it’s similar to splitting a humbucker.

EMGs are great at remaining focused sounding, and this pickup is no expception. Another benefit is that there is a preamp built into the pickup. This preamp allows you to run long cable lengths without having to worry about running a buffer. On top of that, EMGs tend to be very quiet, which is great for battling those pesky stage lights.

The EMG 89 is basically an 85 and an SA combined into one, but it’s not quite the same. They’re very close, but I find the 89 to be a bit more clear in both humbucking mode and single coil mode. I find this pickup works awesome in the neck position. In the neck, the humbucker mode delivers these awesome, fat and smooth lead tones that sing for days. In single coil mode, you get that signature single coil spank, but it’s warm and powerful enough to do the fast legato stuff without having to work too hard. I like this pickup in basically any body wood I try it in, but it’s especially nice in alder.

If you’re a fan of the EMG 85 and want a split coil feature, I highly recommend trying this pickup out. It combines my two favorite EMG neck pickups into one pickup. Keep in mind that you can order this with the single coil either closest to the neck or closest to the bridge. You’ll want to choose accordingly depending on if you have it in the neck or bridge.