Gibson Dirty Fingers
Gibson Dirty Fingers
Nekromen 11/03/2012

Gibson Dirty Fingers : Nekromen's user review

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I use it for 2 years on a squier showmaster. I bought it for more output level and hope to have a big sound, result: a grain Crados cool enough for good punk rock distortion and very high BUT in fact mostly garish. In the end it gives the impression of a dynamic rather flat packed in a disturbing lack acute low ... not very like his guts!
I infer from this brief experience, that in any case be avoided on micro guitars strat guy, or a sound like slamming etc.
Why not half a box, or les paul, it could compensate somewhat the character of micro but I still have doubts.

Too expensive for me, given the outcome.
If it was a remake I would have tried another microphone, I have a tone zone on a les paul junior and the difference with the dirty finger is striking.