Gibson Dirty Fingers
Gibson Dirty Fingers
GildorMinyatür 03/01/2008

Gibson Dirty Fingers : GildorMinyatür's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
I use the microwave for a month just prs. It replaces the original microphone of my Greco Les Paul Custom in 1977. The microphone in 1978, it has the right vintage look that matched my guitar. In addition, a rare thing, he has vis-loving gold (even if well worn). My MODEL is a single driver in "Vintage Clothes". I love its power and claret I did not expect a microphone so versatile. Vintage wish but formidable power. Absolutely wonderful. It is dirty if you are a barbarian, or a soft cotton if handled with kindness. Nothing to do with its competitors, and none of it reaches the ankle. It has all the potatoes we could ask for an EMG active, a DiMarzio claret and the warmth of a typical old Gibson.
Level qualitprix report, no one would make a case like mine: 65 on ebay, including postage (long live the United States!). I will not repeat that choice, I will. Moreover, there are some on ebay enchres ...: p