Gibson HB-R "The Original"
Gibson HB-R "The Original"

HB-R "The Original", Humbucker guitar pickup from Gibson.

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ozzyozburne 05/10/2008

Gibson HB-R "The Original" : ozzyozburne's user review


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Install from a fortnight on my LP Classic Premium Plus with her boyfriend on HB R. I play on Bogner Fish and VHT 2x12 2 February 50 NOS, for info.
I have tried many pickups Duncan, Di Marzio, EMG, PRS, Carvin (very good microphones underestimated by the way), Bare knuckle. (I think I've forgotten anyone) Yes, I like to try the mics ... I realized over time that in these product lines, there is no bad microphones. Some sound better (objectively) on a guitar plutt another - even gear testing, and ditto rglages group, the rest as a case (subjectively) got in, the game (c is certainly more flattering but not play better microphone ... ?!!??) Heiniger and de Matos derrire.
CRITERIA factor is my pleasure to try both and, of sr, play, and the opinions of my friends in BPS: "we hear you with the best lquot; , "it's hotter" etc. ..

The HB R, for him, an output level much lower than the HB L. In fact, I possde two, one measured 9k, the other 7.5 k. I mount the 9k on this LP.

It sounds almost identical to my Duncan APH N, the Slash! The Gibson is just a bit more dirty, while Duncan is a hair lower mdiums. And Gibson has a bit more level even when.
But, honest, I do not know if I would recognize in a blind test.
The HPA are really great microphones, it must be said, but in their old CATEGORY sounds, not modern.

Same conclusion: j'adoooooooooooore. Dynamic, trs hot, full sound that I like Les Paul. Trs versatile, it can do everything. With a good amp lamp derrire, Slash, Gary Moore also ZZ Top and even Zakk Wylde. The notes are dtach, sustain is excellent. Truly a trs, trs good microphone.

SETTING THE attention to the height of the microphones relative to the strings, they are important in this trs microphone.

Super Micro, trs expensive secondhand unfortunately because of its rarity. But the fact. A lil 10, he MRIT.