Seymour Duncan APH-1N Alnico II Pro Neck
Seymour Duncan APH-1N Alnico II Pro Neck

APH-1N Alnico II Pro Neck, Humbucker guitar pickup from Seymour Duncan in the Vintage Output Humbuckers series.

heads on fire 11/02/2011

Seymour Duncan APH-1N Alnico II Pro Neck : heads on fire's user review

« Fantastic neck pickup! »

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Firstly, some specs I was able to dig up:

Impedence -
Neck: 7.6 k
Bridge: 7.85 k
Resonant peak -
Neck: 7.1 KHz
Bridge: 6.7 KHz
Magnet type -
Alnico II Bar
EQ - Bass, Mid, Treble
7 / 4 / 8

Great for studio and live use, the Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro (APH-1) is a fantastic pickup. It has the silky smoothness of an old Gibson PAF pickup, with crisp clarity, and a warmth you could practically build a fire around. I've owned a few of these pickups, and I've used them in the neck position of a couple of Gibson Les Paul guitars, as well as the neck position of a Fender Telecaster. In both guitars, the pickup allowed the guitar's own characteristics to shine through, yet still imparted the tone with a wonderful singing "woman" tone, ala old Clapton, or Slash from Guns 'n' Roses. If you read my review on the Duncan Seth Lover pickups, this pickup offers similar tones, albeit a touch more modern and open sounding, and it is noticeably less expensive. I love both pickups for different applications, but this Alnico II Pro certainly gets the job done for classic rock, 50's rock 'n' roll type stuff, rockabilly, country (especially fingerpicked Chet Atkins style), blues, and jazz.

My favorite use is just jamming on a thick, overdriven Marshall, cranked up. This pickup excels at that type of use, and will provide all the creamy goodness you can handle. A bend, vibratoed note can sustain forever it seems, and the resulting tone will cause anyone, even lay-persons to take notice! I've had so many compliments on the guitar's tone if I play my Les Paul at a show. I highly recommend the Alnico II Pro for blues and classic rock tones especially, but as a generally versatile pickup, this one is a great choice as well.